What is PCI and PCI-E Wireless Cards?

There are two options to connect your computer without wire. The first option includes USB wireless device and the second one is PCI-E wireless adaptor. Talking about the USB wireless adaptor, they are tiny, portable and affordable in nature.

However, they are not better than a PCI-E card. PCI-E (the modern version of PCI) card provides more flexibility in networking. So, if you want to connect your PC without wire, then you must have the best wifi card. Make sure your motherboard has a PCI-E slot. However, you need to install it with you easy steps to typically boost the Wi-Fi signal.

What is PCI-E Wireless Cards?

The PCI-e wireless card comes up with multiple antennae for better Wi-Fi transmission. PCI-e wireless cards include Bluetooth capability which you will carefully found in Wi-Fi USB cards. Furthermore, the quality of signal reception is quite better which results and powerful data processing and better performance.

PCI vs. PCIe Wireless Card

When you wish to add next level to your overall Wireless networking capabilities, PCI or PCI-E network adaptor shall be the ultimate stoppage for you. PCIe wireless adaptors are somewhat more powerful when we compare them with PCI wireless card. PCIe wireless adaptor can give you better networking power because they compared with at least 2 antennas with them.

Maximum of the systems that have been purchased somewhere in between 1995 – 2010 have PCI wireless connectivity. On the other hand, the system that has been manufactured from 2011 and onwards have PCI-e connection.

Normally, the bandwidth of the PCI card is somewhere near 133 MB per second whereas for PCI-E card the bandwidth is 250 MB per second.

PCI-E Pins, Size & Connection

PCI e slots include a 1X slot and 16 x slot. Maximum of the 16x slots are perfectly compatible with1 X and 16 X card. On the other hand, 1X slots are absolutely not compatible with 16 X slots.

PCI e pins – PCI-E card is the replacement for the PCI card. It is almost half of the size of the PCI card used to be. The overall measurement of the PCI e card includes 30 mm x 51 mm. It has roughly 52 pin edge connector which is located opposite to 100 pin stacking connector.

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