How To Delete Spotify Account

Spotify does not remain the only platform for listening to music. After the advent of Amazon music and Apple music, Spotify has lost quite a substantial amount of customer base.

Spotify has remained one of the best music streaming websites with more than 71 million subscribers on together. The total number of free subscribers account to 159 million.

How To Delete Spotify Account

If you have subscribed for Spotify premium account, you need to cancel the subscription before shutting down your account on the permanent basis. That naturally removes the offline songs that have been downloaded to generate the playlist.

In case you unsubscribe from Spotify and wish to continue using it in near future for free, you need to delete the account and generate a new account altogether.

Deleting Spotify account automatically removes your username and offline song associated with it. Also, in case you have been using a student discount, you will not be able to use it any longer.

Steps to delete Spotify account

  • visit Spotify homepage using your favorite web browser
  • Sign in and reach out the menu
  • Close account or Delete Spotify account using the search bar.
  • Scroll down and go ahead it to close your account
  • Choose the option for closing the account permanently from the contact page.

Deleting Spotify account is quite easy as long as you follow the above-mentioned steps. Alternatively, you can look up for the link that allows you to skip the steps and straight away channelize you towards the page that let you delete your Spotify account within a single click.

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