How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription

Twitch is an online video streaming platform that is famous and well known all over the world. Twitch is a platform where you can stream your gaming videos online and several consumers can view your broadcast. This platform has consumers in pretty much every state in the world including India. There is an age limit pre settled for twitch users and that is 13. When someone is under 13 and still wants the permission to use Twitch, he or she is allowed to use twitch but of course under the supervision of his parents or legal guardian. Twitch is sometimes also known as subsidiary o Amazon. To increase worldwide popularity, twitch offers a subscription that is named ‘Twitch prime subscription’.

How To Cancel Twitch Prime

Before I talk about how to unsubscribe on twitch, let me talk about it’s benefits.

About Twitch prime subscription benefits

This subscription has price according to its packages. Players get many extra advantages once they become a Twitch prime member by making the subscription successful. Some of the benefits of becoming a Twitch prime member – the user can become an ad free viewer, unlimited online video streaming, and the user gets access to twitch chat room, they also enable a special feature like hosting mode where they can host a broadcast from a different channel other than his own and someone can also broadcast his videos from another channel and get a bigger viewer profile. Users are given some extra gaming advantages that include in-game benefits and also they can be extraordinary viewers as the prime subscription unlocks some extra streaming videos. Hosting mode also gets you connected with other broadcasting holders and let you share your gameplay antics with the world. Hosting mode no doubt brings the community together. Here are some special benefits a Twitch prime subscriber certainly gets :

  • During video streaming it eliminates any kind of ad to make the streaming grand and enough entertaining because ad interruptions always make user distracted and irritated. So ad less video streaming gives the viewer a marvelous experience altogether.
  • Once you become a prime member you can choose games according to your wish that requires 0 additional prices. You are also allowed to access your desired game content as you wish.
  • It enables Twitch chat room for the prime members who have made their subscription. In Twitch chat room you can chat with other players and share your ideas around. After all sharing and exchanging ideas always help you grow a bit further.
  • Once you make the payment successful and get enrolled as Twitch prime member you will be able to receive unique services such as Kappa HD and many more.

How To Unsubscribe From Twitch Prime

Twitch prime membership is anyway good and beneficial for every user. But in a different scenario if you need to cancel and go for another subscription package (that suits better than the previous), there is nothing to panic. There are some easy steps that it will lead you to the cancellation of your subscription.

  • By entering Twitch and visiting Twitch prime official website, go to the place where the subscription page is located.
  • Choose the option that indicated payment information
  • Then go for ‘Don’t renew’ option and make sure you do not choose any other option.
  • Now your subscription will work until the expiry date arrives and after that day it will not be renewed and your subscription will get cancelled automatically.
  • But there is good news for you. Once you make the cancellation successful, you are automatically enrolled for free subscription in Twitch.

But additionally, once you stop renewing the free subscription, it also gets expired by time.

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How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription

Twitch is an online video streaming platform that is famous and well known all over the world. Twitch is a platform where you can...

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